Preview : Jagiellonia – Termalica

On Saturday at 3 p.m. at the stadium at Słoneczna a match will be played between Jagiellonia and Termalica. The hosts are the favorites of this match and there are many indications that they will score 3 points.

Problems in defense

There is a fashion for returns in Białystok and it must be admitted that at the beginning everything looks promising – the hosts of Saturday’s match have 4 points and are in the runner-up position. It is especially worth paying attention to the last game against Raków – Częstochowa played with a reserve squad, but we are talking about the Polish runner-up. In addition, in the second half, we could observe attempts to save the result that did not work. It is also important that each Jagiellonia formation has its leader – Michał Pazdan manages the defense, Taras Romanczuk rules in midfield, while Jesus Imaz shines in the attack.

It is also worth appreciating the guests – two draws at the start of the season is nothing extraordinary, but both games could have ended with victories. This applies especially to the match against Wisła – the team from Kraków was literally equal to the competition at the last minute. So we can talk about a team that can threaten rivals, but at the same time has problems playing defensively. Last season, the same could be said about Jagiellonia, but now it seems otherwise – Michał Pazdan turns out to be quite a reinforcement.

Bialystokers often have problems with newbies, but we must remember that history is not everything. Jagiellonia has more advantages on its side and the beginning of the season shows that Ireneusz Mamrot will be able to use it. What’s more, there are many indications that we can expect a repeat from Raków – with a possible lead, the hosts will not be satisfied with one goal.

Therefore, it is worth betting on the victory of the hosts and at least two goals in the match. Odds for Jagiellonia – 2.55

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