Prediction : Italy – Belgium

The League of Nations is a game that lacks history, but history is not everything – great emotions are also important. Will we witness a fascinating competition in the match for the third place?

It wasn’t supposed to be like this

The Italians did not become the hosts to fight for the lowest step of the podium – we can talk about a considerable disappointment (in addition, the defeat with Spain meant the first loss in 37 matches). The Belgians are also quite disappointing – in yesterday’s semi-finals they were 2-0 with France, but the last half hour belonged to their rivals – 3 goals and a win.

What does this mean in the context of the fight for the lowest step of the podium? It is difficult to predict the exact course of the match, but I think Italy should be motivated. First of all, we are talking about the winners of the last European championships – this obliges. In addition, we had a very long unbeaten streak. Of course, you cannot forget that the Italians play at home – the cheering of their own fans can help a lot. Naturally, we can also talk about a chance to reward what happened in the semi-finals.

The Belgians have the right to be devastated after the semi-finals, but remember that we are talking about a team that has many qualities. It is also worth noting that in the case of the Belgian national team, there is talk of a talented generation that did not win much – the only thing that can be taken into account is the third place at the last world championship. The League of Nations is a new competition, but it’s always nice to be on the podium, isn’t it? I do not think the Belgians were taking this meeting lightly. In addition, there is a chance for a rematch for the quarter-finals of the European Championship.

Both teams should not run out of motivation and both have their problems – I like BTTS.

Odds 1.95 (PZBuk)

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