How to play poker online with friends

When there is not enough time to get together at a poker table with a friendly company, you can find a way out. For example, arrange a home game in a poker room. If you do not know how to play online poker with friends, read on – we will tell! Many poker rooms allows you to play poker in private games with your friends for free, and you can choose to play with money or without.

Nowadays, joint poker is gaining popularity. There are a huge number of clubs specializing in conducting games and training for beginners. However, it is much more convenient to play poker without leaving your home. You just need to register on a suitable portal and have a stable Internet connection. Often people are distrustful of a poker room, fearing fraud from strangers. Home Games successfully breaks these barriers. Invite comrades you believe in to the game and spend time comfortably. Even online, the atmosphere can be comfortable and important.

Imagine having your own online Poker Club up to 100 members, for just your friends – where you can arrange private poker games! It’s called Home Games. The benefits of playing poker with friends online is that you will know all of your fellow players, and there is something of a community feel when playing online too with people you know! It’s free to use and it’s really easy to set up. Download the poker software then follow these simple steps to get started (please note Home Games is not currently available on mobile).

How Home Games Works

Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to miss amazing poker nights with your friends. Being able to play poker with friends online has been possible for years thanks to best poker sites, but perhaps you would prefer to play in private and perhaps you are not looking to play poker for real money? At the moment, playing poker with friends online is only possible at PokerStars. Other poker rooms have not yet implemented this feature.

Home Games is a kind of closed club “for their own.” The creator acts as the main manager. He has the right:

  • Invite players whom I would like to see in the club.
  • Manage home games, incl. exclude participants.
  • Designate assistant administrators to assist in organizing tournaments.

To invite a friend, just give him the number (name) of the club and a special code. The range of games with customization is huge. The game time, limit, blind growth parameters and more are set. To join the game, all participants need to be online at the right time and log in using the code.

Important Features of the Home Club

  • There is a limitation: on PokerStars, players can join a maximum of 10 Home Games clubs.
  • The number of participants in a closed group is not more than 50 (by default). If you have more friends, please contact support, upon request, the number of seats can increase.
  • The rake deduction scheme is similar to regular games. Bonus VPP and FPP are also awarded.
  • Chat private friendly games is not moderated.
  • It is allowed to take part in tournaments even from one IP. In this case, you take care of the risk of fraud yourself.
  • It is possible to conduct a series of tournaments. The administrator and members of the club choose the duration of the season at their discretion. Games are held regularly, statistics are kept in automatic mode. The winner of the results is very easy to determine.

Using the Home Games function, it is convenient to play poker with friends and acquaintances in forums and other online sites. There will definitely be no strangers at your table, only those who have received a personal invitation.

How to create a tournament to play online poker with friends

  1. Log in to your PokerStars account. If you are a new user – register.
  2. In the list of games, find Home Games. Click on the tab and you will see the clubs menu.
  3. To organize a home game, click “Create Club”.
  4. Create a name for a private club and an access code. Do not use the password for the account in the poker room.
  5. If everything went well, you will see a notification. Now it remains to tell your friends the name and unique invitation code.

Please note that the club is assigned a number immediately. The name must pass verification, it will take about 5 days. Only then will it be displayed.

How to manage a club

To configure game settings, use the Club Management tab. You can adjust the color scheme, download the logo image (also requires verification), appoint an administrator, change the access code, and more, including deleting.

The option “Game Management” will help to form a gaming table. Choose a currency (dollar, euro, conditional chips), the number of participants at the table, the size of bets and blinds, the option limit, limit or noulite. All types of games available in the poker room are available: Omaha, Hold’em and others.

The club’s home page is useful for publishing announcements and viewing the list of all participants.

If you used the invitation code to enter a foreign club, of course, you will not be able to manage it, just play. In any case, Home Games is a free feature that does not oblige you to do anything. It was created exclusively for playing online poker with friends on a voluntary basis.

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