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How to bet on LoL matches? League of Legends Betting Guide

League of Legends (also called LOL for short) is a role-playing video game with elements of real-time strategy (MOBA). LOL is one of the most popular games in the world, as well as one of the most famous games in the world of e-sports. Game can be played both alone and with friends. This game is designed for those who like to achieve victory at any cost. Thousands of professional players from all over the world fights on virtual arenas.

The gaming season in League of Legends has long been inseparable from eSports events. The season traditionally begins in mid-January, along with the start of the largest world leagues, and ends in mid-autumn along with the main event of the year – the World Cup. Nine months a year, battles rumble: ordinary players fight each other in ranked games, and professional players fight on the competitive stage. From January to April and from June to September, home championships are held in 13 regions across the planet, at the end of which the best teams of each league will meet in large-scale international tournaments.

League of Legends basics

The game begins with a selection of runes, summoner spells and the champion that you want to destroy enemies this time. And if you compete in ranked matches, then the ban stage is preceded by the choice of your champion. Exclude one of the heroes, and he certainly will not appear in this match in any team. But the opportunity to ban champions will open only after a lot of hours!

LoL is a strategic cooperative game in which two teams of five powerful champions fight each other, trying to destroy the enemy base. Two teams participate in the match, five players each. Everyone chooses his hero, who will fight in the virtual arena. There are no two identical characters in the game, each has its own skills, abilities, features and capabilities. This allows you to develop many variations of winning tactics. The main goal is to reach the enemy’s base and break the main building there, the nexus. The enemy champions of five will interfere with the fulfillment of your sacred mission, the enemy towers – three on each line, and a couple more at the nexus itself, as well as enemy minions running out from the enemy base every half minute.

The match can be divided into three parts:

  • Early game – lasts until the champions (characters) reach the 6th level and open ultimate-skills;
  • Mid game is the period in the game when characters pump skills and collect the necessary set of artifacts to enhance their abilities, defense, speed and attack;
  • Late game is the final part in which the final confrontation and the destruction of one of the bases will take place.

Champions class types in League of Legends

The most important thing in choosing champions is balance. The team must have characters capable of holding the blow, and those who will deal damage. Control and mobility are also important, since there is plenty to choose from. Each hero is not only a killing machine with unique skills and visual style, but also a character with his own story, harmoniously integrated into the game world. Of course, not everyone will read biographies, but if you want to know a little more about your favorite character, you will have such an opportunity.

As the number of heroes in LOL is constantly increasing, thanks to the developers of Riot Games for not being idle, the question of choosing the right one has a key role in the outcome of the battle. In general, the division into two types (damages and support) is very superficial and is unlikely to give an idea of the classes of heroes, and even more so will not help to determine their choice. Therefore, we will try to describe the classification in more detail. So, all champions can be conditionally divided into six classes.

Champion TypeStrengthsWeaknesses
AssassinHigh mobility and offensive capabilities – excellent at quickly inflicting damage on weaker enemiesPoor defensive capabilities – unlikely to emerge victorious in drawn-out confrontations
MageAbility to both support teammates and attack enemies with various spells – can attack multiple enemies at one timeRelatively vulnerable – low mobility, low health pool, and unable to quickly deploy spells/engage enemies
FighterVery versatile – fighters have high resiliency and can inflict substantial damage on enemiesNo highly specialized capabilities
MarksmenExcellent at long range attacks that slowly wear down defenses to destroy key objective pointsVery poor defensive capabilities – not suited for direct confrontations with enemy champions
TankHigh health pool and resiliency – able to ‘draw fire’ and sustain significant affronts by enemiesPoor offensive capabilities – not efficient at destroying enemy objectives or champions
SupportPossess healing abilities and deliver ‘buffs’ (various advantages) to their teammatesRelatively ineffective on their own – best used to support the efforts of teammates with direct offensive capabilities

League of Legends betting types

LoL eSports bets are available in prematch (before the tournament) and in live or in-play (during the competition). In the first case, the odds are unchanged. They are set by the bookmaker, based on the predictions of analysts. The higher the indicator, the lower the chances of the team for the proposed outcome.

In live you need to monitor changes in the odds. They increase / decrease when a serious event occurs on the map. During the online broadcast, you can adjust the investment, based on the balance of power of the opponent. If the strongest character is defeated, then look for alternative options. So you will remain in positive territory, despite an unsuccessful bet.

Game features determine the types of bets on League of Legends. The difference between LoL and other eSports disciplines is that there is only one card in the game – Rift Summoner, but the match lasts 3 or 5 games.

Having decided on a bookmaker for bet on LoL, you need to create an account. Further, the instruction is as follows:

  • Log in to the website or in the bookmaker application to your account;
  • Make a deposit to your account in one of the available ways;
  • Open the section with e-sports and look for games available in LoL;
  • Having decided on the event, we click on odds;
  • In the opened coupon, indicate the amount, type of bet, confirm the bet.

Moneyline. Match winner betting

This is the most straightforward bet of them all. Two teams clash with each other, you predict who’s going to win, and if your prediction is correct, you get the money. Even so, this is the cornerstone of League of Legends gambling, as most other betting markets will heavily rely on the game’s results.

Correct Score Bet

With this bet, you are trying to predict the correct score in maps – e.g., 1:2 or 0:2. Predicting the correct score is a variation of the moneyline bet. Granted, the risks are much higher. But so are the odds.

Handicap / Spread betting

Handicap betting works on the same principle as in all other sports. Betting on a team of your choice with -1.5 map handicap is essentially betting that they will pull a 2:0 sweep of the series. This bet is useful for betting on surefire favorites in order to attain a greater return than you would on a regular match winner bet. In contrast, betting +1.5 maps on an underdog is a good bet to make when you feel that the underdog team has it in them to take at least one map from the favorite or when the two evenly-matched teams meet.

Bet on Total

Total present an option for those who don’t want to back one team but have strong sense of the likely duration and progression of the match. League of Legends totals ask bettors to determine how many rounds will be played in the match overall.

Prop Bets

Besides the usual line-up of bets that you can find in almost any other sport, League of Legends opens the door for some interesting betting opportunities that are tied to the game’s unique mechanics. This is where a LoL bettor’s game knowledge can be exploited even further.

  • First Baron
  • First Blood
  • First Turret
  • First Inhibitor

LOL betting odds explained

All bookies will calculate odds in a precise way so that they give themselves the upper hand whilst making sure that they keep customers coming back for more. Bookmakers do this by employing experts in each area to try and work out the likelihood of each betting outcome happening.

If you’re new to betting on eSports, correctly interpreting the odds is the first thing you need to understand. Odds provide two crucial pieces of information:

  • Which side is favored to win and by what margin
  • How much money you stand to win on each side of the wager

For ease of calculating the possible winnings depending on the size of the bet, use our moneyline calculator.

Full detailed information about how to read and understand odds, how to convert different odds format read in our article “Betting odds explained“.

Final LOL betting tips

Esports games differ from traditional sports events in that it is more difficult to give predictions on the outcome of additional painting. However, betting players still love these disciplines due to live betting, when they can evaluate events in real time and observe the setups of teams.

To make LoL bets more successful, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Team roster is one of the most effective tools for analyzing a future match. It is always worth keeping track of the history of recent matches of players, their win rate (percentage of victories relative to defeats). You also need to pay attention to how often the team plays with this composition and on which lines or for what characters the esportsman most often plays;
  • Was there any substitution – sometimes players can be replaced almost on the day of the game. So before choosing a series of bets for a particular match, you need to carefully study the latest news on the team’s website or in its accounts on social networks;
  • What characters the players chose before the start of the game is another important analysis tool, since sometimes a well-coordinated setup is already a small application for success. Here again, it is worth recalling the individual statistics of each of the players on certain characters;
  • Character blocking – when choosing a bet in live mode, you need to find out which characters the players blocked. Locks are needed in order to balance the balance of teams and bring them as close as possible to equal conditions. However, not always successful blocking can decide the outcome of the meeting;
  • The counter pick is the choice of a certain character who is most comfortable playing against an enemy character. This is a kind of counterattack that develops even at the stage of choice. Simply put, if a player knows against which champion he is to stand on the line, then he can take his counter-peak and thereby facilitate the game for himself;
  • The tournament takes place via LAN or online – it is all about the interaction of the players with each other. Esportsmen can play online more relaxed when they are not sitting in a hall filled with hundreds of fans, however, in this situation, some difficulties with internal team communication may arise, because all pre-match strategies will be discussed by team communication, rather than in person. On the other hand, during a LAN tournament, players significantly increase the level of interaction with each other, since they are all in the same room and can talk face to face in between games. Do not forget that the success of a certain team in a LAN tournament and online may differ;
  • The preponderance of the first nexus – the first to destroy the tower and let their minions into the “push” territory – is a very important factor. Having an advantage along one of the lines, players can concentrate on “pushing it through”. It is the factor of the first successful destruction that sometimes determines the entire course of the meeting. However, it is also worth considering the work of “foresters” whose task is to “farm” (save) gold and destroy key bosses.

When you’re looking to spice up your LoL spectating action with a few bets, we’d like to remind you that you should only bet through the safest and most established online bookmakers, as they will guarantee you have a carefree customer experience.

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