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Flat sports betting winning strategy

Flat is a betting strategy that involves betting a fixed amount over a period of time. Flat can be different: academic, aggressive, chaotic, etc. Flat is perhaps the most common betting strategy among players in the bookmakers. Flat strategy in sports betting is one of the most effective, and, most importantly, easy to understand.

The essence of the flat strategy in sports betting is that the size of the bet does not change. A betting client makes a bet on a fixed amount. Flat strategy is borrowed in the financial market. In addition, it is used in gambling. This is a basic financial strategy for betting, which can be quite effective in combination with other systems. Since flat does not give an advantage over the bookmaker due to progression.

Flat requires discipline. After all, sometimes it is tempting to put the whole bank on a “sure thing.” The main feature of the flat is that as capital increases, you will have a chance to bet on more serious amounts. The main thing is to learn how to competently manage your own bank.

Flat betting concept and example

The flat strategy in sports betting involves the following sequence of actions:

  • Player deposits a certain amount into the account of the bookmaker. Regardless of its size, this is the player’s bankroll, from which the flat value is calculated.
  • Player decides what percentage of the bank will continue to be allocated to one bet. These will be flat bets. Experts recommend that the better determine the boundaries for the flat within 1-3% of the bank.
  • No matter what happens and no matter how attractive bet seems, the player does not use a higher percentage of the bank or flat than he determined at the very beginning.
  • It should be borne in mind that the simplest type of flat strategy in sports betting involves the distribution of a non-current bank (the amount, taking into account all the wins and losses). Namely, the original game bank.


  • The player has a bank of 100 dollars.
  • He decides that he will put a flat at 2%.
  • This means that the bank is divided into an equal number of flat rates at 2% of 100 euros = 50 rates at 2 euros.
  • The player makes 50 bets for 2 euros and evaluates the profit from the strategy with a flat.

The strategy of a fixed percentage of the bank by most betters is recognized as the most secure. But, unfortunately, this system cannot always guarantee a stable or significant plus. Indeed, for its implementation, a better needs to have considerable patience and endurance.

Types of flat for beginners and more experienced players

Flat in bets has several varieties that differ from each other in the size of the bet. Consider a few basic ones.

  1. Academic flat is considered the optimal type of this strategy, since each bet will be equal to 1-2% of the total bankroll, depending on the confidence of the player in a particular event. What percentage of the bank to allocate for a particular bet, the player determines after a detailed analysis of the probability of the event.
  2. Static flat does not imply a change in the size of the bet. Despite various factors, the percentage of the bank does not change in any way. The rate is constant and equal to 1%. This type of flat betting is preferred by players whose life credo is “go slower – you will continue.” By the way, no one has been able to lose a large amount using a static flat yet.
  3. Chaotic flat is so named because this method of playing is used by those who do not have a clear line of behavior in the betting world. For example, a player can make 30 long-term bets by placing 5% on each of them. Of course, these bets can bring profit, but the probability of losing is too high.
  4. Aggressive flat designed for experienced cappers. The fact is that when using this kind of “fixed rate” strategy, a player puts on only one sport / championship. The size of each bet in this case is 5% of the total size of the bank. It is worth noting that experienced players do not recommend reducing the percentage for a bet even in the case of a series of defeats. Once again: the size of the bet here is larger, and if you are a beginner, it is not worth using this type of strategy.

The choice of a specific type of strategy largely depends on the psychotype and individual characteristics of the player. An aggressive flat might not suit a calm, and a person rich in emotions will become bored with putting down 1% of the bank for a whole year.

First of all, it is worth determining the amount that you are ready to allocate in order to bet flat, and then select the number of sports that you plan to bet on. If there are more than two, then to minimize risks it is better to bypass the aggressive and chaotic flat.

Can I make money using a flat strategy?

The flat strategy will not provide a big profit in sports betting, because the bet size is fixed and the algorithm used does not give any superiority over the bookmaker. Even if a bettor wins 50% of bets with equal chances, he will be in the red due to the bookmaker’s margin. Indeed, if at odds of 50 to 50, the odds should ideally be 2.00 and 2.00, then, taking into account the margin, they will be somewhere around 1.92 and 1.92.

At the same time, flat is good in that a quick loss of the whole pot is impossible, as with the same catch. A stable income when using a flat will be with a passability rate of more than 50%, if we talk about outcome ratios of 2.00, and this is not so simple. However, for good analysts, flat is an ideal option with minimal risk.

Choosing markets for flat betting strategies

A fixed rate is a universal strategy; it can be used for all sports, betting on politics, cultural events, and so on. The choice of markets depends on the game strategy that the player combines with a flat. The only condition, or rather, the advice: do not bet on low odds, because in order to win back a loss, it will be necessary to issue a long winning streak.

Football flat strategy

Among the variety of football betting strategies, flat is one of the most common among both beginners and professionals who know how to break the line and find a large number of values ​​every day. It is best to apply this strategy in football for betting with high odds, for example, for betting on a draw, goals of outsiders, authors of goals scored.

Boxing flat betting strategy

In boxing, where status fights are not as frequent as anywhere it is wise to put a flat. Analyze the fight, choose the outcome preferably with a coefficient of 1.50 and put a fixed amount. For the next fight, use the same approach. If you have good knowledge in this sport, flat will be one of the best boxing betting strategies with minimal risk.

Pros and cons of flat strategy

The main advantage of a flat is its compatibility with other betting strategies. In addition, as already mentioned, flat bets make it possible to avoid losing the entire bank or quickly draining a large amount. Well, the availability of flat allows even a novice to understand the intricacies of the theory.

As for the minuses, the main drawback is the necessary solid size of the bank. The fact is that rates of 1–5% of a bankroll can bring tangible profits only with a good starting capital. Another disadvantage of flat in rates is the low intensity of capital growth. Often, players want to win a lot right away, but it’s not about flat betting.

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