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CS:GO live betting tips

How to Bet on CS:GO? TotalSporty editors will give some advices for eSports bettors. No eSport has a bigger betting offering or audience than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, aka CS:GO.

Live betting on eSports is an almost philosophical topic. CSGO In-play betting or live betting is a term used to describe making a bet whilst the game is already in play. There are many factors and nuances that need to be considered when betting on a particular event. The time limit only adds complexity. In the same shooters, everything can be solved in a matter of seconds. Today we decided to share our thoughts on live betting in CS:GO. At what points should you bet, what factors should be considered when betting on the losing side, and so on.

Knowing the strengths on tournament maps will greatly help in CS:GO live betting.

In the professional play for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there are seven maps in the active pool: Nuke, Dust2, Overpass, Train, Mirage, Vertigo and Inferno. Depending on the format of the tournament or the current stage in the tournament, games may be a best-of-one format or a best-of-three. Occasionally there will be a best-of-five, but it’s very rare. At face value, CS:GO is a fairly simple game to understand. Two teams face off on the maps, with one team aiming to plant a bomb and the other trying to stop their opponents from planting the bomb. Change sides after 15 rounds played.

Some bettors and bookmakers may think all seven maps play out the same way in CS:GO, but they are actually incredibly different.

Map features

All tournament maps have their own characteristics. Each of the parties on one or another map can have both advantages and disadvantages. For example, it is generally accepted that the Overpass map has a very strong CT side. As a rule, the team for this side is gaining more rounds, the other. After changing sides, the lead team for the final must already collect a small number of rounds. But if in some way, the terrorists in the first half managed to ensure a minimum lag or even score more rounds than CT, then in that case the team that played for terrorists in the first half will likely win, since it was after the side switching will play for a strong side.

If you take this point into account correctly, you can make a very profitable bet. Bookmakers do not always correctly evaluate such situations. To understand which maps are unbalanced and which are not, you need to play at all yourself, or see the corresponding statistics on special sites. For example, is great. Of course, developers make changes to the maps from time to time to balance the sides. Therefore, you must follow all the updates and listen to the players and experts.


A strong economy is the most important moment in the game. Frags, bomb blasting / clearance, rounds won bring money to teams. It is very important from the very beginning to earn an advantage in money in order to buy more powerful weapons, armor and grenades. All this helps a lot to fill frags and capture important points on the map. For example, if team A lost in the first round, then in the next 2 rounds it was forced to save money and not buy any weapons. Thus, the score in most cases becomes 3-0 in favor of team B.

But often the following situation happens: Team CT won one of the rounds, but at the same time lost the 4th players, and the terrorists managed to plant a bomb and made several important frags. All this brought them a good amount of money. We add here that CT had an already poor economy before this round, and the round won because of heavy losses did not bring serious success. For the full picture, we add here the score 13:11 in favor of CT. It seems that the CT won an important round (there are only 3 rounds left until victory), in their favor the score and emotional upsurge. But in the next round, it turns out that CT does not have enough money for the most key weapons and uniforms, and for terrorists, on the contrary, the economic situation is much better. In this case, it is more profitable to bet on T, since after winning the next round they in most cases will win the game. CT has an even worse economy and they will have to give up several rounds, or take risks and buy not reliable guns and armor.

Strong and weak team maps

This aspect requires more thorough analysis and more time. During the season, each team develops a strong and weak mappool. Bookmakers do not always follow this and do not attach importance to which particular card the game will take place. Underdogs can be underestimated.

For example, team A plays very well on Inferno, especially for the attack. In one of the matches it turned out that team A loses on their beloved Inferno, but a change of side is nearing and team A will play for their strong side. In this case, it is advantageous to put Team A to victory, despite the score (of course, if not very crushing).

Other features

Everyone has bad days. For example, nothing foreshadowed before the start of the match, all the players were in a good mood, but something went wrong with one of the players during the match. He cannot concentrate on shooting, without a fight he loses key positions and the team loses rounds because of him. At the same time, before the start of the match, it was believed that the losing team was considered a favorite. In this case, you can also think about betting on an underdog.

One can imagine the following situation. The game takes place on Train or Dust2, which are large distances. These cards are ideal for snipers. For example, in one of the teams there are 2 or even 3 good snipers who are happy to buy sniper rifles for themselves in convenient cases. And the other team has more modest resources in this regard. A convenient moment for betting can be caught when a team with good snipers lost the first few rounds. In this case, the coefficient on them increases. That is why it is very important to watch the match and monitor the situation live.

In-Play Betting. How the odds change during the match?

You can be thinking by now that the odds change in a gradually way along the rounds. That is really not true. Almost every round brings major changes to the odds. So the odds won’t drop from 1.5 to 1.1 and so on if there’s 4 rounds left to end the match. Basically what will happen is that if a team is winning 12-10 and their odd is 1.5 this value could even drop to 1.05 in just one round if the other team would have to do a double eco in the next two rounds. So imagine that the team wins the round making it 13-10 and the other team would have to eco twice. The odds will drop to 1.1 or close to that. In the next round they won’t probably drop even if the favorite team wins it, since it’s expected that against a full eco the team will win the round.

Before you start betting in CS:GO, remember that easy money goes as fast as it comes. In any case, for newbies, it is recommended that you study the theoretical part, as it should, and then gradually switch to practice, that is, to real money rates!

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