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Many, especially novice players, believe that a betting strategy on an accurate account is a method created by professional betters only for themselves and experienced colleagues. And all because the players are firmly rooted in the opinion that it is very difficult to guess the correct score, and to do it on an ongoing basis is almost impossible. However, statistics show that this is not so, it is quite realistic to guess the correct score. Especially if the better is well versed in soccer or another sport, and knows the features of teams or athletes. For such betting tactics, football, volleyball and tennis matches are excellent.

What is the correct football score for betting strategies?

  • About 10-12% of all football events end with a score of 1: 1 or 1: 0.
  • About 50% of all outcomes are 0: 0, 1: 0, 1: 1, 2: 1, 2: 0. Other results are much less common, and it is often impractical to include them in the strategy.

As you can see, the most popular are only 5 options, from which you need to choose. And if the better does not bet randomly, but after studying certain information on the teams, the number of suitable options will be further narrowed. What to consider when you bet on correct score:

  1. The motivation of the rivals is whether they have an incentive to score goals in this match, or is it just right for them just not straining to play the match “for show”.
  2. Championship – in the most scoring championships (England, Germany, etc.), the score is 2: 1 more likely.
  3. Command structure, injuries of attackers and defenders.
  4. The class of playing teams, whether there is an obvious favorite and an outsider, or whether the teams are more or less equal in strength.

The strategy for correct score prediction in football – bet on favorite

Betting on a favorite is usually not very pleasing to betters by the value of the coefficient. This is because the favorite is likely to win. But if you bet both on the favorite and on the correct score, the odds look already much more attractive. For example, on average CFs on outcomes 1: 0 = 8, 2: 0 = 7, 3: 0 = 9, 4: 0 = 12, 5: 0 = 20, 6: 0 = 50. More than 6 goals are scored extremely rarely even the
favorites. Most betters think that betting on an accurate account on a favorite is still stupid, because an outsider can score a goal too, and it still remains incomprehensible to bet on what account. And here it’s enough to find out one little secret – the probability of winning a favorite who did not concede a goal during his match is 70%. It turns out that the score is most likely to be ?: 0. Instead of a question mark, you can put any number up to 6. The advantage of this strategy is that the better does not need to form expresses from the bets. And many other strategies based on the correct score
are based on the express system. And this is despite the fact that most of the BCs do not allow including more than 1-2 bets on the exact account in the express.

Pros and Cons of correct score betting


  • high quotes. On the main outcomes, a large coefficient is considered to be 3.0-4.0, but when betting on an accurate account, a value of 10.0 becomes commonplace;
  • opposite rates. For example, a match of teams with a weak attack and a strong line of defense. Most likely, the game will be until the first goal scored. Three options are possible: 1: 0, 0:
    1 and 0: 0. Three trades cannot be executed on outcomes due to low ratios, and on the exact account the value will be about 6.0-9.0, which will increase the bet amount by 5-8 times.


  • increased margin (up to 15-20%);
  • the difficulty of predicting an accurate score;
  • few effective strategies for playing on vehicles.

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