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Both Teams To Score Tips

BTTS stands for Both Teams To Score, and is a type of betting based on whether both teams score in a match or not. It is unique to football and is hugely popular among fans.

Bet on both teams to score what does it mean?

First you need to determine the terminology of BTTS in rates, this reduction from the expression will both score. You also need to understand that:

  • Both Teams To Score – a bet that each team will score a goal.

How to select matches for the BTTS bet?

The biggest difficulty in betting is not in choosing a strategy, but in how to select games for a particular strategy. When the strategy is used, both will score, then it is clear that we need to look for matches where two teams will play with good attacks. You can select a match according to the following principles:

  1. A favorite meets an outsider, while a strong team does not play strictly on the defensive, it can be the games of Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Ba
    varia, such teams win with a score of 6: 1 or 5: 2 is a common thing;
  2. Two middle peasants play among themselves, in such matches it may be difficult to predict the outcome, but you can definitely bet that both teams
    will score goals;
  3. To bet during the match, based on the game, if the player sees that the teams have started briskly and are playing on the opposite courses, here it is worth taking a bet; both will score;
  4. Choose for yourself the most scored teams in football, who play in defense not in the best way and constantly bet on their matches, it can be both Barcelona and Hoffenheim, the German Bundesliga is, in principle, an ideal championship for this strategy;

ames can end both with a hockey score and even without goals.

BTTS or total over?

When people talk about what BTTS is in sports betting, one involuntarily remembers total over, because in both cases the player needs the teams to score. But if you compare the total more than 2 goals and both score, the total is certainly better, since it does not matter who scores, most importantly more than two goals, but the coefficient for this event will be less than both. Both teams will score (BTTS) in the bets is a rather risky market, the total over looks preferable in that regard, since one of the teams just might not play the game.

How often do both teams to score in football?

If you look at the statistics, you can make sure that the percentage of matches where both opponents score is quite high. In the German Bundesliga, this figure may even be higher than 70%, good figures for this indicator in England, but it is better to analyze each match individually, rather than rush to individual championships, it is better to immediately exclude low divisions and women’s football. You need to take those championships in which the player is well versed, both will score a bet on Euro cups and can bring a lot of profit, especially in the group round of the Europa League.

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